1-Pressure Instruments:

-Pressure gauges (Air, Pnuematic, Vacuum, Digital gauges)
-Pressure Safety Valves (PRV)
-Pressure Relief Valves (PSV)
-Pressure Indicators
-Pressure Calibrators
-Pressure House
-Dead Weight Testers (DWT)
-Pressure Transmitter
-Pressure Recorder

2-Temperature Instruments:

-Temperature Gauges
-Temperature Recorder
-Thermometers (Dial, Digital)
-Infrared Thermometers
-Ovens (Portable, Mobile)
-Furnaces Digital Readouts Systems
-Temperature Indicators
-Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers
-Temperature Transmitter

3-Diementional Hand Tools and Gauges

-Vernier Calipers (Digital, Analogue)
-Depth Gauge
-Dial Indicators
-Height Gauges
-Level Gauges
-Tape Measures
-Pit Gauge
-Step Blocks
-Force Gauges

4- Coating Instruments :

-Surface Profile Gauges (SPG)
-Roughness Gauges
-Coating Thickness Gauges
-Film Thickness Gauges (Wet, Dry)
-Holiday Testers
-Soluble Salt tester
-Pull Of Tester
-Humidity and Temperature meters (DPM)

5-Safety Equipment and Gas Detectors

-Multi Gas Detectors (4 Gas detectors, 5 Gas detectors)(BW , MSA , Drager)

6-Hardness Testers

-Portable Type Brinell

7-Ultrasonic Instruments:

-Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (UTG)
-Step Block

8-Magnetic Instruments:

-Yoke (AC, DC, Permanent)
-Test Block
-UV Light

9-Lights Instruments:

-Radiographic Test Viewers

10- Torques Wrench


11-Welding Machine